Flying Bach

22.05.20 Friday 20:00 pm
23.05.20 Saturday 15:00 pm
Europa-Park Dome

Stage show of the four times break-dancing world champions Flying Steps. Flying Steps dance their acrobatic break-dancing choreography to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. A mix of city street culture, ballet and music by the master of baroque, Bach.

Bach and break-dancing don’t work together? The opposite has been proven by the four times break-dancing world champions Flying Steps and the opera producer Christoph Hagel with the fascinating performance Flying Back. In their performance they put the international world of classical music upside down and jump with their translation of Bachs ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ the borders between traditional culture and youth culture. Tune by tune. Step by step. With piano, cembalo and electronically alienated beats. With heads spins, power moves and freezes. With visuals. With their own story.

  • Friday, 22. May 2020:

Intake Confertainment Center: 6.30pm
Intake Europa-Park Dome: 7pm
Start: 8pm
End: aprox. 9.15pm

  • Saturday, 23. May 2020:

Intake Confertainment Center: 1.30pm
Intake Europa-Park Dome: 2pm
Start: 3pm
End: aprox. 4.15pm

Subject to change.
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