Super Bowl 2020

02.02.20 Sunday 21:00 pm
Silver Lake Saloon

Who will win the 2020 Super Bowl?

The final of the US American Football league is something like a bank holiday in America. Experience the 2020 Super Bowl in the Silver Lake Saloon and the Cantina Amigo and witness when the two best teams of this season go head to head.

This package includes the following services:

  • screening on a big screen
  • cold/hot 'all you can eat' buffet with typically American dishes
  • beer | house wine | soft drinks | coffee and tea

Buffet from 9pm until 0am, drinks package from 9pm until 3am.

Subject to change.
*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.

Prices & Tickets

This event is sold out.

Location in the park