Latest information about the 2020 summer season

Europa-Park looks forward to welcoming you to the 2020 summer season. The attractions have been polished and the flowers are fully in bloom.

Europa-Park has intensively prepared for a re-opening, in close cooperation with the authorities. The health and safety of our guests and employees have always been our highest priority. We have implemented all measures with great care, so that you can enjoy a relaxed day with us. In the following, we'll introduce the most important changes and provide all information for your visit at Europa-Park.

The most important infos at a glance

Day-specific tickets
A day-specific ticket is required in order to visit which has to be purchased online in advance in the ticket shop. Spontaneous visits are currently not possible. Tickets will not be sold on-site.
More info regarding date-specific tickets.

Opening hours
Europa-Park will be open until 08.11.2020, daily until 6pm Monday-Friday and until 7pm Saturday and Sunday.

Tipp: "We take care of each other" – What to expect at Europa-Park: To the video

All changes

Day-specific tickets

The offer onsite in Europa-Park

Food & drink at Europa-Park

General hygiene and safety rules


Date-specific tickets

In order to limit the number of visitors, we have decided to introduce day-specific tickets instead of seasonal tickets. These tickets are available exclusively online in the ticket shop. If you have already purchased tickets for the 2020 season, or have complimentary tickets, you can exchange these into day-specific tickets in the ticket shop. Tickets from the previous season can be exchanged subject to a surcharge. If applicable, the surcharge will be added after inserting the ticket number.

Spontaneous trips without previously purchased tickets are unfortunately not possible due to the current situation.

The sale of date-specific 1 day tickets and the exchange of date-specific 1 and 2 day tickets has started.

To the ticket shop  

Ticket conversion

  • The sale of 2-day admission tickets will begin shortly. We will announce a date soon.
  • The 'new' tickets are date-specific, and can only be redeemed on this date. Purchased date-specific tickets cannot be exchanged or cancelled. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our guest service at
  • You can find the current prices in the price overview.

For the entry to the park, you will need your original ticket and, in case of a ticket conversion, the email confirmation. To reduce contact, we kindly ask you to scan your own ticket. You can present the QR-Code either on your mobile phone, or in printed format. Our staff are on-hand to assist.

Due to the Coronavirus regulations for theme parks and sports facilities, we are obliged to collect and safe contact information from our guests. The information will be deleted automatically four weeks after your visit.
Thank you for your cooperation.


All ticket types & offers

You can find more information about the Clubcard and the current regulations on the Europa-Park Club info page.

Tickets + accommodation
If you have booked Europa-Park tickets in combination with a hotel or Camp Resort stay, you can find all relevant infos on the page about the 'themed hotels'.

Visitors with Disabilities
The reduced admission price will be granted upon presentation of a valid disabled ID on site at Europa-Park. You don't have to purchase a date-specific ticket in advance. This applies only to vistors with special needs and their accompanying person (valid disabled ID stating the letter B is required). All other accompanying persons must buy a date-specific tickets in advance via the ticket shop.

Please contact our team at the information office at the main entrance in order to receive the reduced admission price.

  • Free entry will be granted upon presentation of a disabled pass, with the note 'BI'.
  • Wheelchair users will receive free entry upon presentation of a disabled pass, with the note 'aG' (exceptional walking disability).
  • The reduced admission price of €47pp for you and one accompanying person will be granted when presenting a valid disabled ID stating the letter B (accompanying person required).
  • The reduced admission price of €47pp will be granted when presenting a valid disabled ID.

Groups & school classes
Group and school classes excursions to Europa-Park are now possible again.
Further information is available on the Groups & Schools info page.

Groups of friends and families
Due to the Coronavirus regulations for theme parks, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters has to be kept at all times to all people who are not part of your family or household. In restaurants for example, this is being managed through the placing of guests and positioning of tables. Therefore, a visit of family friends or groups of friends is currently only possible when keeping the minimum distance.

Guests aged 60+
The reduced ticket price for guests aged 60+ is still valid and can be booked through our ticket shop. Except for the 'For all 60+ hotel package', there are currently no further offers and discounts for seniors. To the ticket shop

Free entry under age 4 and for birthday children
Children aged under 4 can continue to visit Europa-Park for free, and do not need a date-specific ticket.

The general rule applies to all birthday children: Free entry is only valid on the birthday, and cannot be postponed. Birthday children - as well as children aged under 4 - do not need to purchase an online ticket.

Should you have booked our Children's Birthday Package and the birthday celebration unfortunately can't go ahead, please contact We will be happy to change your reservation to a different date. The free admission for the borthday child will remain. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the kids' birthday package.

Parking tickets
Already purchased parking tickets remain valid and don't have to be exchanged in the ticket shop.


The answers to the most frequently asked questions

Stay over several days
The 2-day ticket is currently not available, but you can of course still stay several days. You can purchase several 1-day tickets for consecutive days in our ticket shop.

International visitors
As travel from our neighbouring countries is now also possible again, we are happy to welcome our international guests at Europa-Park.

Preferred date is not available in the ticket shop
If a date is not available in the ticket shop, this means that the date is sold out and there are unfortunately no tickets available. In order to maintain minimum distances between our guests and employees, we have limited the number of guests per day and introduced date-specific tickets. We are happy to welcome you again on another day.

Gift tickets
If the visiting date has been set, you can purchase the tickets in advance in the ticket shop. If the date is not finalised, you can top up an EMOTIONS gift card with the preferred amount, and gift this. The EMOTIONS gift card can be charged by calling us, and 'exchanged' for tickets. EMOTIONS cards can be purchased in the online shop. Tip: Our gift packages with EMOTIONS cards are the perfect gift idea for Europa-Park fans! To the online shop


Offer onsite in Europa-Park


With more than 100 attractions, there is something for everyone. Due to the current situation, the following attractions are unfortunately unavailable:

  • Ballpool at the Adventure Playground (Spain), Ballpool (Holland), Ballpool in Limerick Castle (Ireland), Casa de Aventura, water slides in Lítill Island (Iceland)

All other attractions are open! The following guidelines apply:

  • Now available - VirtualLine! You can now virtually wait at selected attractions! We are giving you time - While you virtually wait at e.g. blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2, you can continue exploring the park, or spend your waiting time in a Café. You can find VirtualLine in our Europa-Park & Rulantica App. More information.
  • Unfortunately, Single Rider options are not currently available.
  • Please note that we currently cannot consider seating requests. You will be assigned to a seat in the attractions.
  • The attractions are being cleaned more frequently in special cycles. The process is optimised so that waiting times are as short as possible.

Park shows & day cinema

It's show time: The shows return to Europa-Park! You can find the current shows in our show overview for park visitors.

Events & evening cinema

You can find an overview of the current scheduled (and cancelled) events in Europa-Park as well as in the themed hotels in our event calendar.

Tip: Distance Radar

With our new app, you can follow the distance rules in a playful way during your visit. If you keep a sufficient distance, you will have a chance of winning a VIP pass for VirtualLine attractions. You can find more information about the new 'Distance Radar' app the detail page.


Food & drink at Europa-Park

Enjoy the unique atmosphere in our restaurants and treat yourself to some culinary delights! Due to the official requirements provided by the authorities, it is possible that various restaurants may not open. However, there will be an attractive gastronomic offer in every themed area. Let yourself be surprised!

The most important measures and regulations in the restaurants

  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people that do not belong to your group.
  • Please note that only persons from maximum two households are allowed to sit together at one table.
  • Wear a mouth-nose mask to protect those around you. You can of course take off the mask at the table.
  • Please pay contactless, whenever possible.
  • For the purpose of contact tracing, we are required to collect your contact details. Please fill out the following form accordingly.

It lies in our best interest and responsibility to follow these rules and take care of one another.
Please follow the instructions from our staff.


General hygiene and safety rules

Europa-Park has intensively prepared for a re-opening, in close agreement with the government. The health and safety of our guests and employees have always been our top priority. We have implemented all measures with great care, so that you can enjoy a happy day with us.

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the hygiene and safety rules that will apply at Europa-Park until further notice. It is in our best interest and responsibility to follow these rules, and to take care of one another. We thank you for your cooperation!

Tip: Watch the most important rules and changes in a video. To the video

For a healthy together

We kindly ask you to visit Europa-Park only in a good health condition. Visitors who were in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 14 days or show symptoms of a respiratory infection or high temperature, must not visit Europa-Park. If you are at a higher risk, we recommend to avoid a visit for your own safety.

Please pay attention to the distance rule of at least 1.5 metres throughout your stay.

Mouth-nose mask
Due to the mask requirement, you must wear a mouth-nose mask in all closed areas, waiting areas of all kind as well as in the attractions. Please note that scarfs and handkerchiefs are not permitted on the attractions. 'Multifunctional handkerchiefs' that sit firmly around the mouth and nose are exceptions. We recommend to bring your own mouth-nose mask.

The official government guidelines of the state of Baden-Württemberg include the mouth-nose mask requirement, for persons aged 6+, and it is mandatory when using the attractions. If you are unable to wear a mouth-nose mask, for example due to medical reasons, you will not be able to use the attractions, in consideration of other visitors.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions: If the mask, for example, gets wet in a water attraction, the mask requirement will still apply and you will need to wear a replacement mask. We recommend you bring several masks with you. Alternatively, you can purchase masks in our shops on-site - we have come up with some creative designs for you.

Sneezing & coughing
We kindly ask you to follow the sneezing and coughing etiquette during your visit to Europa-Park.

Washing hands
Frequent and thorough hand-washing is strongly recommended. Please do this regularly. There are plenty of facilities available to do so.

Feeling unwell
If you feel unwell during your visit, please avoid contact with other guests, and get in touch with a member of staff. Please wear your mouth-nose mask.

Our service for you:

  • Hansgrohe Handwash-Center - Washing your hands correctly must be learned. In the new hansgrohe Handwash-Center, Ed Euromaus will show you how to properly wash your hands. More info.
  • Disinfection – Our mobile 'disinfectors' (artists with disinfectant dispensers) are available to you in the whole park. Please take advantage of this option. Additionally, our shops offer disinfectants to purchase.
  • Waiting area – you can find distance markers on the ground for your orientation in all waiting areas. Please note that only up to three persons can stand in any one section.
  • Ventilation – Attractions, shops and restaurants are ventilated in regular intervals, to maintain fresh air.
  • Cleaning – For your safety, we are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, such as handrails, door handles, toilettes, safety bars etc. in increased intervals. The rides will be cleaned additionally in specific intervals. The process has been optimised as much as possible to reduce waiting times.

In addition to the measures on site, Europa-Park has introduced digital technologies in order to manage queues and the minimum distance between visitors.

  • Distance Radar - with our new app you can follow the distance rules in a playful way during your visit. When you keep an appropriate distance you will also have the chance to win a VIP pass for VirtualLine attractions. You can find more information about the new 'Distance Radar' app on the detail page.
  • VirtualLine - our Europa-Park & Rulantica App has been updated with a new feature. You can virtually queue at various attractions, with VirtualLine. But, you can also virtually queue without a smartphone - more information.

General information

  • Payment method – Please pay contactless, whenever possible.
  • Closed areas – Please note that certain offers and services are limited, or currently not available. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Waiting time – We kindly ask for your understanding that there may be longer waiting times, due to the new rules and regulations.
  • Lifts – Please use the steps, if possible. The lifts are only to be used with you own family members.


Please also note our updated park rules.

This information is constantly updated.
Subject to change.
Last updated on: 01.07.2020